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Fandoms A thru L - Character Roster

Fandoms M thru Z are here.

The Almighty Johnsons:
axl_is_odin Axl Johnson [555-ODIN]

scythe_matters Buffy Summers [555-SLAY]
his_pet_dru Drusilla [555-PLUM]
agentriley_finn Riley Finn [555-FINN]
eyeball2entrail Spike [555-BLUD]

kilrenko Kilrenko [555-KILR]

Beauty and the Beast (2012):
cantoutstubborn Catherine Chandler [555-CAT1]

glaurnaneth Glaurnaneth [555-GOLD]

Cabin Pressure:
wanttobeaplane Martin Crieff [55-GERTI]

The Dirty Pair:
luvlianjel_yuri Yuri [555-YURI]

Doctor Who:
jones_drjones Martha Jones [555-JONE]

gobacktoheaven Aaron Corbet [555-RDMR]

The Fast and The Furious:
lettyfnf Letty Ortiz [555-FNF4]
mtoretto Mia Toretto [555-RACR]

thing4numbers Olivia Dunham [555-LIVE]
190_iq Peter Bishop [555-5MIT]

H2O: Just Add Water:
h20grl Rikki Chadwick [555-FISH]

Harry Potter:
evenprettydead Cedric Diggory [555-CEDR]
black_nimbus01 Draco Malfoy [555-2192]

Hart of Dixie:
drhartdixie Zoe Hart [555-HART]

Hawaii Five-0:
shrimp_truck Kamekona [55-ALOHA]

protectorneal Riley Neal [555-NEAL]

spookinasuit Clayton Webb [555-6522]

Lord of the Rings:
faramir_hurin Faramir [555-SON2]
legolasmirkwood Legolas [555-LEAF]
annatar_s Sauron/Annatar [555-RING]

Lost Girl:
thenew_ash Hale Santiago [555-HALE]
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