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Application for All Players

This application is for new and current players, please send completed applications to hm.moderator@gmail.com

We have a 2-pup-per-month rule. New players must wait four weeks--from the Friday that the first character is accepted to Thursday four weeks later--before applying for a second pup.Current players may app two pups in any given month so long as they had no pups on the role call.

Any character being apped must have at least 10 speaking lines/lines of dialogue within their canon before they can be approved for play. If you are an established player applying for a canon OC, please reference this post in the OOC.

hearts_andminds respects the expressed wishes of the following authors/publishers and will not accept applications based on their work:

P.N. Elrod
Raymond Feist
Terry Goodkind
Laurell K. Hamilton
Robin Hobb
Dennis L. McKiernan
Robin McKinley
Irene Radford
Anne Rice
Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb
Archie comics

***Important Information***

Please be patient. Applications are accepted until Thursday at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Applications are processed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday every two weeks. You will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance to the game, along with your pup's game tag.

Before your application can be processed, you MUST request to join the game, messenger and OOC communities. Applications that are not accompanied by these community requests may be delayed.

Do NOT submit your application as a Google document or attached file. The application will be denied, and we will ask you to re-apply.

Update your pup's userinfo page with the following information: Name, canon, point in their canon at which they enter Haurvatat, physical description, a disclaimer. Here is a good example of what we are looking for. (You can copy & paste this info from your application if you wish.) This is so people who are not familiar with your pup or the canon can get a basic feel for who they are. Your application will not be approved unless you have this information on your pup's profile.

Once you have been accepted to the game, you MUST add your contact info Here. Failure to do this will result in removal from the game.

Once approved, Go here and reply with a room number for your pup (or a request for a room mate). Room numbers are RANDOM. It doesn't matter what room you choose, as long as it isn't taken.

---------->>BEGIN APPLICATION<<----------

Mun Info
Name/online handle:
Personal LJ:

Character Info
NEW: PB: (human actor's name)
Point of Entry:
Media: (book, movie, TV, etc)
Character Journal:
Voicemail Link:
Phone Number: 555-

Background: (at least 150 words, please)

Personality: (at least 100 words, please)

Physical Description:

Does your pup have any special powers/abilities/gifts that we should be aware of? (i.e. super healing, telepathic etc)

What brings your character to the village? What does he need to learn/achieve, etc? (at least 100 words, please - can be anything big or small)

Why do you want to play this character? (at least 100 words, please)

Please list all your pups: (Name/fandom - not journal names. Only required for current players.)

Have you been active in the last 8 weeks with ALL of your pups, if not - why and which pups? (Active - in at least one thread longer than ten tags each. Only required for current players.)
NEW: Please link the most recent thread each pup has been in.

Character based writing sample: (RP, journal, fan fic, anything really that features the character you are applying for. At least 250 words, please. Only required for new players.)

---------->>END APPLICATION<<----------

***Character Changes***

If you are planning on canon updating or having an in village plot/experience that substantively changes your pups:

1. Personality (eg. reverting River Song to Melody Pond, Castiel becoming Jimmy)
2. Appearance (eg. Changing pbs)
3. Abilities (eg. Becoming a vampire, expansion of magical/mutant abilities not on your original app)
4. Alignment (eg. they were neutral good when you apped them, you've canon updated and now they're.. the Master)

An update to the original pup application will need to be completed and approved prior to making changes/updating:

1. Why do you want to update/modify your pup? (At least 150 words)
2. How does the canon update/plot change/effect the powers/abilities of your pup?
3. Why do you feel a canon update will benefit how you are currently playing your pup? (At least 150 words)
4. Per the premise of the game, a villager must learn a lesson before being allowed to leave the village. What new lesson will your pup be striving to learn upon his or her return or how will the proposed change enhance the lesson currently being learned? (At least 150 words.)
5. Timeline for any changes being done as part of an in village plot.
6. Revised character based writing sample.

Each request will be reviewed by the mods and approved/disapproved based on canonical reasonableness and a review of the muns in game status.
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