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*FAQ's will be added here.

Use comments to ask your own questions.

Does the village have a name?: Yes! It is called Haurvatat. Click the link for information.

Who are the game mods?:

How does my character get to the village?: How your character arrives in the village is entirely up to you. Some have come by choice, a little get away (or by suggestion of those they work for). Some have simply found themselves on the streets of town with no idea how they arrived.

What if I want to give up/retire/adopt out a pup?: If you would like to give up a character, for any reason, please let the mods know with an email, so the pup can be removed from the Taken List and communities. Giving up a character is completely your choice. Adoption notices can be posted in the OOC community.

What should I do if I need to go on hiatus?: Hiatus can be instated for any reason. Vacation, personal reasons, whatever. Please do not abuse the hiatus option, but use it as needed. Please post a notice here, which will initiate a notification to the mods, and an OOC notice for other players is recommended. Hiatus should not last more than a few weeks, and if you realize you really don't have the desire to play a pup, please give the pup up. Someone else may want him or her.

What if my character wants to try to leave?: The point of the game is that they are unable to leave. You can handle this situation however you'd like. For example: If your character attempts to leave, once he reaches a certain point, he finds himself returned to the village proper or back in his room at the hotel.

Speaking of the hotel, how does that work?: Guests of the hotel have a room waiting for them upon arrival. It's a nice hotel, better than your average. They have live flowers in the vases, for example. Rooms can be larger on the inside than the outside and can look practically like anything you want. As for room size, please try not to make yours a TARDIS--but they can certainly be larger than an ordinary hotel room would be.

We've had revolving doors, doors that open when you walk up to them, and doors that need to be opened at the front of the hotel, so anything goes in that regard and keys can vary from metal to electronic.

Up to 5 personal items may be found within the hotel room. Those items can be big or small, canon or not. Entirely decided by the individual muns.

Once my character has been assigned a room in the hotel, can the room number be changed?: Certainly! Pups can move in together, as determined by the muns. Room assignment post is Here!

What is the point of voice mails?: Each character should have an answering machine/voice mail post in their journal, linked on their user info and also documented on the Taken List. Voice mail posts must now be set up when a character enters the game. The reason is simple: It allows others a quick way to contact your pup in lieu of sending them a text. It also gives muns an OOC place to contact each other if need be.

How does the village work?: Players are more than welcome (and encouraged!) to create places within the village. A list of current known places is located Here! and the game community has tags for each location, denoted in bold on that page. All businesses are sentient, and know just what your pup needs. Of course it is up to you to determine that in play. Please note: being a business owner does not give you the right or ability to god-mod.

Tags? What are tags and how are they used in the game? For a detailed explanation on tags, click here. For this game, each pup is assigned their own tag when they arrive. Usually it will be your pup's first and last name. Please use your assigned tag in every thread you participate in. This is a very cool way to archive threads and helps keep things organized. All the places in the village also have their own tag, so if you start a thread at the cafe, for instance, make sure you use the 'cafe' tag. For a list of all in-game tags, click here.

What is sentient, exactly?: Sentient means the places know what your character needs, and gives it. For example, if Regina were to go to the bar and order a martini, she may receive water instead, if she needs hydration. The bar knows what she needs and may well disregard what she asks for.

What if I want to put my character to work?: Click here for a detailed list of local businesses. Most of these establishments require employees. Most can be NPC'd as necessary.
*Please note. These are only the known/established locations around town. Contact a mod, or leave a comment on the post linked above, to create a new business or location. (Players are encouraged to establish locations!)

What sort of money/currency does Haurvatat have?
It is safe to say that all establishments in the village take all forms of money & currency as deemed by your pup's canon. (dollars, pounds, gold, galleons, sickles, knuts, etc)

What is the weather like?: The weather for those who like to take note of such things is based on Charlottesville, Virginia; you can look at current conditions: here.

Can my character get pregnant?: Yes. Babies can be born within the village. It must be stressed that pregnancy isn't something to be taken lightly, and MUST have the approval of ALL players involved. Pregnancies should be well thought out and analysed, and not used for quick plot. Babies can not be abandoned later on! Pregnancy is a HUGE responsibility.

What about animals?: Animals are certainly welcome in Haurvatat. Canonical or not. There is a local animal shelter and vet. Animals are welcome at the hotel, unless they are too big or need to be outdoors. There is a stable for the horses.

What is a gathering post & how does that work?: A gathering post is one where a large number of pups are participating in a thread. An example is a meeting or a party. For more details, click here.

Is there an official chat?: Not at this time, but you are free to start a chat any time you wish and post the details to the OOC!

Who can post memes to the OOC?: Anyone! If it's NSFW please note it as such somewhere in the post.

I have a problem with another mun. What do I do?: If the problem is minor, please try to work it out with the other mun(s) involved. Otherwise, feel free to contact a mod, either by AIM or email. (hm.moderator[at]gmail[dot]com) Never ever ever use a mod's personal LJ or email to contact them about a game issue. Game issues need to stay localized to the game.
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